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Info + FAQ’s


Turnaround time for customs (Anything not ordered during a dedicated drop) is currently 13-15 business days, not including weekends or holidays. This changes from time to time depending on the current volume of orders.

These are the drops currently being worked on

  • The Holiday Drop (11.18) will ship by 12.12, turnaround time has been extended for joint orders by 3 business days due to some delays. Thank you for understanding!
  • Black Friday Weekend Orders will ship by 12.17
  • Mystery & Solids Fabric Orders will ship by 1.6


Both our fabric & teething products have one person working on each of them at one time, and we each have families, small children, etc. This is why our turnaround time is longer than a couple days! We promise you won’t be disappointed in our products.

Contact us at for rush orders or any questions!



How much is shipping?

$4 flat, world wide.

How can I order a custom?

We take custom orders 24/7 on our website. If you have a question on how to order or need a special listing, email us at

Can you get *insert an item another shop has*?

Often, the answer is yes! However, since we only use North American sourced products, our teethers are always authentic and purchased directly from the designer. Surprisingly, there is a large issue with manufacturers in China stealing teether companies designs, remaking them with slight variations, and selling them for far cheaper. This is why you may find other teether shops selling similar teethers for much cheaper.  

Can you remake this *insert item* I found on Pinterest/Instagram/etc?

We won’t blatantly copy another artist’s work. However, given a color scheme, we’re confident we can come up with something that you’ll be happy with!

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We do, on certain items! Shoot us an email and we’ll be more than happy to discuss specifics.